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Boom Lift Rental in Mumbai, India

Welcome to ABCInfra, India’s leading Boom Lift rental service! With a commitment to excellence and safety, we provide top-quality boom lifts for rent across various locations in India. Whether you’re looking for Boom lift rental in Mumbai, Boom lift rental in Chennai, Boom lift rental in Bangalore, Boom lift rental in Chakan (Pune), Boom lift rental in Ahmedabad, Boom lift rental in Hyderabad, Boom lift rental in Aurangabad, or Boom lift rental in Dahej, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and let us provide you with the perfect solution to elevate your projects to new heights.

Our Boom Lift Rental Services primarily include:

  1. Boom Lift on Hire/Sale (Fleet of around 200+ Boom Lifts)
  2. Crane Hire / Sale (Fleet of around 30+ Telescopic & Crawler Cranes)

We have a variety of equipment available in our fleet, starting from 40 feet to 250 feet Boom Lifts. These machines are utilized to provide access and a safe working platform for elevated positions. With the aid of a highly competent service team, our equipment is well-maintained by following stringent safety standards ensuring that our clients enjoy complete peace of mind when they rent our equipment. We maintain a technical library of operations manuals, parts manuals and service manuals for the various machines in our fleet.

The usage of these machines is not restricted to a single process and can be used for a host of Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning related activities across different sectors. Some of the recent application done at various sites using our Aerial Platforms:

At Airports:

  • Cable Trays and Wire Laying
  • Fire Hydrant fitting
  • Smoke Detectors Installation
  • False Ceiling Fitting
  • Camera Installations
  • Foot Over Bridge (FOB) erection
  • Painting of FOB
  • Air conditioning Equipment and Ducts installation and commissioning.
  • Inspection of Above

At Shipyards:

  • Sand Blasting and Painting of New Ship under fabrication
  • Application of Anti Fouling Paint to ships under maintenance
  • Welding at a height to make customized parts for Ships

At Power Plants: 

  • Laying Ropes
  • Installation and Inspection of machinery at Height.

India’s Finest Boom Lift Rental Service

We are India’s leading Boom Lift rental service. We have a range of articulating and telescopic boom lifts available for hire. No matter any height or reach. Our boom lift rental devices are purposefully built-in line with the enterprise you are serving. Thus you are assured of getting top-quality boom lift equipment intended for the job in mind. ABCInfra gives the best boom lift rental in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Chakan (Pune), Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Dahej, etc.


Boom Lifts available in Mumbai

ABCInfra is your go-to for direct boom lift rental in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Chakan (Pune), Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Dahej, etc. We produce high-quality boom lifts for rental and for acquiring a wide range of reinforcements and resources, with all the various traits you might require.
With the support of a highly skilled service team, our machine is well-maintained by developing rigid safety rules, guaranteeing that our clients enjoy complete peace of mind when renting our facilities.
We have a technical library of procedure manuals, part manuals, and service manuals for the different machines in our fleet. These machines are not limited to a single process and can be used for various installation, support, and cleaning activities across various areas. ABCInfra is one of the well-reputed names in providing the best Boom lift on hire/rent services in Mumbai to the different projects of Private, Public Sectors, and Government undertakings all over India.

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About Boom Lift Rental Services

What is a Boom Lift?

An aerial work platform that enables workers to work at peak. The boom lift types are articulating boom lift that features arms bend to facilitate navigation around objects and telescopic, with straight arms that provide a higher weight capacity but less maneuverability than an articulating boom lift.

What is the maximum Boom Lift height?

The lift capacity of a boom lift will depend on the making, model and type. Telescopic boom lifts can reach maximum heights than their articulating counterparts. While many models can safely lift equipment to a height of 130 feet, and now you can purchase a telescopic boom lift with a capacity of up to 185 feet.

How much does a Boom Lift rental cost in mumbai?

ABCInfra offers boom lift rental in India at a reasonable cost. The daily cost of renting a boom lift ranges depending on the size and location. Rates may differ according to the usage for the projects in Days, Week and Months. Rest assured, we will offer you the best rate and exceptional service. Reach out to our friendly staff at +91 9769455252 to discuss your needs and request a free quote.

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