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Hydraulic Axle Trailer on Rental in Mumbai, India

ABC Infra has reached new heights by providing hydraulic axle trailer rental services in India. The company is well-known for supplying these heavy machines to various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Infrastructure, Petrochemicals, and more. Our scope of work includes providing these equipment for projects along with expert technical services and skilled manpower. Additionally, we have a massive fleet of modular axle trailers along with hydraulic axle trailers. Moreover, we own Low, Semi-low, and High Bed trailers manufactured by leading vehicle manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, TATA, MAN, AMW, Volvo, and others. We can also provide customized logistic solutions through barges and SPMTs.

Effective deployment of modular axle trailers for rent at an optimal price is one of the crucial aspects of ABC Infra’s operational capabilities.

We Can Provide You
  • Efficiency in handling operations
  • Loyalty to time schedules
  • Utmost priority to safety and quality
  • Low mobilization time

In addition to that, our services comprise the rental and sale of cranes, manlifts, articulating boom lifts, boom lifts for hire/sale, and powered access platforms, along with mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). As a leading hydraulic axle trailer rental service provider, we offer trailers for hire at affordable prices, capable of safely transporting cargo of all sizes and shapes from one place to another.

The hydraulic axle trailers of ABC Infra are loading platforms available in different modules or configurations, with multi-axle units that are well-connected through hydraulic suspension. These trailers are further fitted with hydraulic or pneumatic hoses to facilitate the smooth operation of hydraulic functions by simply adjusting the different control valves.

Hydraulic axle trailer for heavy equipment transportation

Our Heavy Duty Hydraulic Axle Trailers Offers the Below Mentioned Features :

  • High-tech and huge carrying capacity
  • Based on the requirement, size and weight, it can be increased lengthwise as well as width-wise
  • Maintains the stability of loaded consignment due to its hydraulic cylinders
  • Giving better turning radius because of its axles that can be steered independently
  • To maintain required contact area, its tire pressure can be increased or decreased
  • Can move in both directions
  • At the time of loading, it ensures stability of the cargo

Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of ABC Infra; therefore, whether you have rental needs or require modular axle trailer hire in India, we can provide ample solutions. Our modular axle trailers come with all-wheel steering, including hydraulic suspension, for improved transportation. These trailers are typically used for transporting overweight or oversized machinery and equipment, such as railway bridges, shipbuilding materials, wind turbines, gas turbines, transformers, generators, reactors, pressure vessels, and various other heavy-duty equipment, without any hassle.

Hydraulic Axle Trailers are suitable for:

  1. Heavy Cargo weighs over 34 Tons. Since CMVR allows a maximum GVW of 49 Tons for Trailers and trailers having a minimum tare weight of 15 tons, a payload of 34 tons can be transported using Mechanical Trailers. Can transport Heavier loads over Hydraulic Axle Trailers only. Since Hydraulic Axle Trailers can be combined to increase the number of rows, they are versatile and modular enough to carry loads of over 1000 tons.
  2. Hydraulic Axle Trailers have hydraulic adjustable suspension, which keeps the platform horizontal on the roughest terrains. Hence they are beneficial for transporting expensive cargo over rugged terrains.
  3. Hydraulic Axle Trailers can be combined with many attachments like spacer frames, well deck, bolster mechanism, girder bridge, etc. to carry a cargo of very long lengths. Cargo needs to be kept at less than 1 feet from the ground, has massive weight, etc.
  4. Hydraulic Axle Trailers can be combined side by side to create more comprehensive platforms.

Hydraulic Axle Trailers are the most versatile machines used by the transport industry and can be customized to suit your unique requirements.

We have experience in transporting:

  • Heavy Machineries Transport
  • Power Transformers Transport
  • Heavy Turbines, Rotors, and Stators Transport
  • Wind Mills Transport
  • Rail/ Metro Coaches Transport
  • Infrastructure Material Transport
  • Heavy-duty Cranes and Construction Equipment Transport
  • Long Girders Transport
  • Construction Equipment like Cranes, Dozers, Piling machines, etc
  • Storage Tanks, Deaerators, Pressure Vessels Transportation
  • Wind Mill blades and nacelles Transport


About Hydraulic axles modular trailers

What is a hydraulic axles modular trailer?

A hydraulic axles modular trailer is a specialized type of trailer used for transporting heavy and oversized loads. It features hydraulic axles that can be adjusted to distribute weight evenly and navigate challenging terrain.

What are the advantages of using hydraulic axles modular trailers?
  • Versatility: They can transport loads of varying sizes and weights, adapting to different road and terrain conditions.
  • Maneuverability: Hydraulic axles allow for precise steering and control, even in tight spaces or sharp turns.
  • Efficiency: They optimize load distribution, reducing stress on roads and bridges, and often allowing for larger payloads than traditional trailers.
  • Safety: Hydraulic systems provide stability and control, minimizing risks during transportation.
What types of loads are typically transported using hydraulic axles modular trailers?

Hydraulic axles modular trailers are used for transporting heavy machinery, industrial equipment, bridge sections, wind turbine components, and other oversized loads that exceed standard transportation capacities. Reach out to our friendly staff at +91 9769455252 to discuss your needs and request a free quote.

How are hydraulic axles controlled and operated?

Hydraulic axles are controlled through a central hydraulic system that adjusts the suspension and axle positions based on load requirements and road conditions. Operators can adjust settings to ensure optimal performance during transportation.

Are there different configurations or sizes available for hydraulic axles modular trailers?

Yes, hydraulic axles modular trailers come in various configurations with adjustable axle lines, widths, and lengths to accommodate different load sizes and weight distributions.

Do operators require special training to operate hydraulic axles modular trailers?

Yes, operators should undergo training specific to hydraulic axles modular trailers to ensure they understand operational procedures, safety protocols, and maintenance requirements.

How does renting a hydraulic axles modular trailer compare to purchasing?

Renting offers flexibility without the long-term commitment of ownership. It allows access to specialized equipment for specific projects without the upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintenance.

How can I determine if a hydraulic axles modular trailer is suitable for my transportation needs?

Consult with a specialized transportation service provider like ABC Infra to assess your load requirements, route constraints, and project specifications. They can recommend the most suitable trailer configuration and provide logistical support for safe and efficient transportation.

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