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If you are looking forward to add the line of heavy machinery and use it in your business, then you can give it a shot by taking skid steer loader on rent. The skid steer loader machine is absolutely versatile in nature and will let you to do a lot more than you could ever imagine without breaking the bank. These machines will prove way better machines in different sectors like construction, gardening, land-scaping and so on where labor is required in abundance.

We provide the best quality maintained skid-steer loader on rental and hire services. Bobcat company has 50 year history of quality, performance and reliability in its products. It invented the world’s first skid steer loader with more than a dozen models to choose from, you’ll find the right machine for any size job.

A skid steer rental is a critical piece of equipment for loading and hauling materials – a staple for contractors and a timesaver for the DIYer; it’s one of our top rentals. Built for many terrains, our extensive fleet can take on any job. Skid steer models from ABCInfra are:

  • Extremely maneuverable, with user-friendly controls and a smooth ride.
  • Versatile for both residential and commercial use.
  • Able to work on various terrains, including soft or uneven ground.

Choose a wheeled skid steer for flatter paved or hard surfaces and a tracked skid steer for wet, muddy, or snowy conditions and uneven terrain.

Due to its small size and light-weight characteristic, this machine proves to be beneficial through easier maneuverability while being in and around tight spaces. There are several smaller players in the industry that can provide skid steer loader hire India. But, whenever we talk about a professional, reliable and progressive rental company, that can provide these machines on hire or on rental, then people say ABC INFRA would be the right choice.


By renting the skid steer loader from ABC INFRA, you’ll have the complete peace of mind since you will be getting a top-quality and reliable machine that will ensure that the job is completed on time, every time.

ABC Infra is the most renowned name for helping the masses with their skid steer loader needs.

Benefits for Choosing Us:

  • If you ever need any help regarding skid steer loader rental India, then we gladly welcome you to pay a visit to our facility and see for yourself our entire infrastructure and setup.
  • In the Indian market, these machines are presently highly in demand and the companies those are dealing with it are expected to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • It can save money as well as valuable time that is required towards the use of skid steer loader in various sectors. ABC Infra takes account of all the requirements and based on that provides effective solutions.

Customers can always rely on our Bobcat skid steer loader rental programs. Bobcat became one of the first organizations who made several types of attachments which can utilized in an array of applications. Because of making small and compact but rugged working vehicles, the name got much popular in the industry.

In giving these skid steer loaders on hiring/rental basis, ABC Infra has stood the test of time and has built a solid reputation over the years.With the dedicated working personnel and professional team, we became the top-most service provider of skid steer loader. We assure you that you’ll never end up in disappointment after renting a machine from our well-maintained fleet. So, have a leap of faith with us and we assure you that our skid steer loader will help you to get your work done faster than ever.

ABC Infra Equipment Pvt Ltd company is a leading provider of Bobcat skid-steer loader on rental / hire services in India. We also provide Crane, Boom Lift & Scissor lift on hire / rental services, serving big organisations and businesses, since last so many decades. Our major cities covered are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Raipur, Ahmedabad, etc.

Bobcat® S130 Skid-Steer loader



Rated operating capacity  590kg (1300 lb.)
ROC with optional counterweight       635 kg (1400 lb.)
Tipping Load 1195 kg (2634 lb.)
Hydraulic pump capacity 64.0 L/min (16.9 GPM)
Travel speed 11.8 km/hr. (7.3 MPH)
Operating weight  2375 kg (5235 lb. )


Steering and drive Forward, reverse, travel speed and steering controlled by two hand levers.
Hydraulics      Raise/ lower lift arms and dump/rollback bucket controlled by two foot pedals or optional hand controls.
Transmission Hydrostatic, four-wheel drive.


Length (with bucket) 3152 mm (124.1 in.)
Hydraulics      1575 mm (62.0 in.)
Transmission 1963 mm (77.3 in.)
Height to bucket hingepin 2781 mm (109.5 in.)


Make/Model Kubota V2403-MDI-E3
Fuel/Cooling     Diesel/Liquid
Cylinders 4
HP/Displacement  49HP/2.4 L
Fuel Tank Capacity  50.4 L (13.3 gal.)

Standard Features

  • Adjustable cushion seat
  • Automatically activated glowplugs
  • Bobcat Interlock Control

System (BICS)TM

  • Bob-TachTM
  • Deluxe cab
  • Dual path cooling system
  • Engine/Hydraulic shutdown
  • Hydraulics
  • Front & rear lights
  • Lift arm support
  • Meters/gauges & Warning lights
  • Parking brake
  • Front auxiliary hydraulic
  • Seat bar
  • Seat belt
  • Spark arrestor muffler
  •  10-16.5 standard Duty tires

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