Globally you might have seen a wide range of high lift equipment at job sites and various other industries. Well, these types of equipment are called Boom Lift, it is used by workers to reach the area to perform activities along with required materials and tools.

There are major two types of boom lift, i.e., Straight Boom and Articulated Boom which can be hired from any boom lift rental services.Boom lift rental services- abcinfra

Straight Boom is the kind of aerial lift equipment whose boom section extent straight. It is also called a stick or telescopic boom because of its appearance. This type of boom lift has the excellent horizontal reach and is thus the ideal for bridge work, construction, entertainment, painting, road building, inspection application and much more. Hiring this straight boom lift will help you to increase your productivity and get the work done quickly.

Articulated Boom is kind of aerial lift equipment having various boom division which is so linked to getting easy access to the work area through barriers or obstacles. Thus, this boom lift is also called a knuckle boom. This type of boom lift is recommended to use where the work area has tight access or difficult to reach. The reason for being used for the congested or tight area is because it has zero tail swing. The zero tail swing means that the far end of the turntable of boom lift doesn’t extend beyond the boundary of the drive chassis while rotating.

There are many boom lift rental services from where you can get boom lift hired for your project to ensure profitability, safely and efficiently. Knowing the application and the best boom lift before you hire is a wise choice and can be considered as half work is done. Thus, choosing the right and healthy boom lift will keep you, your labours and clients happy considering various factors like safety, completion of the project, efficiency, accuracy and much more.