Photographing buildings and other such structures has been aesthetically pleasing for many. There are patterns and designs to be found in almost every structure. All you need is the correct angle. Architectural photographers have increasingly started using Boom lifts and scissor lifts to get that perfect elevation and angle. Despite there being lesser stability atop the Boom lifts & scissor lifts, photographers are often ready to compromise for the angle they desire. 

Boomslift & Scissor lift


With boom lifts and scissor cranes you can get an elevation of approximately eight to ten meters. This elevation then becomes ideal for the photographers to click bird’s eye view of the structures they intend to shoot. Boom lifts provide users with the best elevation because they offer greater horizontal reach than other aerial platforms. The photographer can change his position without compromising upon the elevation to get the desired angle for the shot. Photography is not about quantity of pictures but the quality. So if the photographer were looking at a building, he wouldn’t want one shot but the perfect shot, which he envisages. Boom lifts & scissor lifts offer good elevation and are even stable due to the carrying rig underneath the crane.


Easy to Rent

Boom lifts & scissor lifts are gaining popularity amongst architectural photographers because now they can easily rent out the crane lifts, which they desire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It was harder before because scissor lifts and boom lifts a while ago were difficult to hire due to its higher rent prices and very less providers in India. Now with growing companies providing lifts on rental, photographers can employ the services of boom lifts and scissor cranes without any difficulties. It prevents burning a hole in the pockets while getting the job done. With the elevation which a crane has on offer photographers improvise a lot. They play around with angles and capture unique and astonishing shots of concrete structures.

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