More productivity at a lesser time is often considered as an essential criterion in the construction industry, and the equipment used in these projects usually achieves this. Boom lifts are one such machinery, which is used by construction workers to help them reach aerial elevating work platforms. Instead of building scaffolding at the construction sites, one can use boom lifts to complete the tedious work process with ease.

Instead of buying boom lifts (which can be a costly affair), one can easily rent boom lifts to get their construction projects done. ABC infra makes this task easier by renting the boom lifts at a much reasonable cost in the market.

Boom lifts are otherwise known as man-lifts or aerial lifts. There are different types of boom lifts that are used to get work done easily in areas where height is ‘a major constraint.’

Boom Lift rental

Bucket trucks

Bucket trucks, otherwise known as cherry pickers, are mostly used to cut the branches of trees at the construction sites. This equipment has a crate where a worker can operate the controls to help in elevating or lowering the bucket, which is found in the edge of a long extendable arm.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Articulated Boom Lifts, otherwise known as Knuckle lifts, are used for maintenance purposes, such as electrical or plumbing. This equipment helps the workers to reach the ‘hard-to-reach spots’ because of its flexible, extendable arm and a turntable at the base of the machine. They can be used in rugged landscape too.

Scissor Lifts

Though this type of boom lifts has limited usage in other industries, they have been found to be extremely useful in the construction industry. They are used for aerial light fixtures (higher ceiling), transferring heavy loads in small proportions, etc. The cross-brace like structure helps in reaching the high spots and provides the workers a safe and stable footing grip.

Telescoping Boom Lifts

This type of boom lift has one long straight extendable arm, which helps to reach the maximum height with a bucket (one worker’s space) at the end of the arm. The workers mostly use the telescoping boom lifts during unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

ABC Infra helps the construction industry by renting out these heavy vehicle equipment, which are carefully maintained by highly skilled professionals to ensure the safety of the workers at the site.