Cranes are used for heavy machinery lowering and lifting up of heavy equipment’s during construction work. A crane is basically a tower, which is equipped with chains and pulleys. The crane is a powerful and a complex machine that requires a trained operator for its hazard-free functioning. Since cranes come under heavy machinery, they are very expensive to purchase.

Today one can hire a crane or purchase it on a contractual basis. There are several companies who offer the services of their cranes to people looking to rent them out. There are many different kinds of cranes that are used in the construction industry today.


  • Mobile Crane – The most common type of crane. It has a telescopic boom a top a mobile platform. The boom is usually mounted on a cat truck for easier mobility of the crane. The boom is hinged at bottom to enable lifting and lowering operations with the help oh hydraulics.
  • Tower Crane – These are firmly fixed into the ground and rise up to whooping 100 meters or more. They are ideally designed to deliver greater power and balance during lifting and lowering operations. Tower cranes are used in the construction of tall buildings.
  • Loader Crane – It is essentially employed to load cargo on trucks. It is a hydraulic powered crane with an arm that is fitted to the trailer. When not in use the arm can be folded into sections thus not taking much space in the cargo rig.
  • Rough Terrain Crane – These are cranes designed for off road functioning. The crane is mounted on an undercarriage with four big rubber wheels. The outriggers can be extended both vertically and horizontally. This provides the crane with additional balance while lifting heavy equipment’s.
  • Marine Cranes – Often used on shores or on marine vessels. These are deployed to place heavy cargo onto ships and also lower smaller vessels like boats in the ocean.

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