Boom lifts are important equipment used for working on elevated aerial platforms, and they come in various categories based on the customer needs. Once you have decided to buy a used boom lift from a reputed boom lift supplier for your construction project, ensure you are taking all the necessary steps to get hold of the right equipment, which is worth the amount of money you are going to spend. It is always advisable to visit the dealer directly along with your operator and inspect the boom lifts in close proximity.

Performing the following quality checks before finalizing on your used boom lift will help in avoiding unnecessary expenses in the later stage.

Quality Checks before taking Used Boom Lifts Kept for Sale

Check the engine

If there is trouble with the engine, it keeps getting worse with the engine’s usage. If you hear unusual cracking noises and clunks while the engine is operated, it is an indication that the engine is not well maintained.

Is the reach perfect?

Check if the boom lift can extend to its maximum height and length. Request a worker to board the bucket and then check the functionality as checking with live weights will help in identifying the faults better.

Well maintained hydraulics

If there are too many jerks or surges when the boom lift is operated, then you might have to have a closer look at the hydraulic pipes for cracks, puncture or dark shiny stains. If these ruptures are left unattended, they will gradually expand and collapse when the boom lifts are in use. Check all the terminal joints and seal for leaks.

Structural integrity

Check the boom lifts by operating the arms and buckets in all possible dimensions. See if there are any metal cracks or weld separations in the frame corners. When the boom lift is overloaded or bumped more often, then the structure gets compromised. If there are any misalignments, check how major or minor they are and work out your finances accordingly.

User modifications

Some of the users might have modified their boom lifts by changing the bucket walls or railings to match their needs. The equipment might be cut and welded accordingly. Before you purchase such used boom lifts, ensure these modifications does not affect your project requirements.

Measure your requirements

Calculate your requirements carefully before selecting your boom lift category. Check the areas where these boom lifts will be navigating more than often. If required, measure the doorways, overhead clearances, etc.

It is advisable to go for JLG or Genie boom lifts if you would want the equipment to work on a longer run. ABC infra has professionals who can check on the conditions of these used boom lifts and can help in finalizing the right boom lifts for your work purpose.