Crane operators are in command of powerful multi-million dollar machines. These machines are capable of lifting tons and therefore largely reduce human labor. While using such heavy machinery, it becomes paramount for the crane operator to deploy every security and safety measure available during the lifting operation.

Every year many lives are lost to crane mishaps in addition to the loss of time, resources and property. The aim should be to maximize efficiency and reduce risks. In order to effectively utilize a crane, the operator should follow the required safety measures.

Crane Operator Safety

Know your machine

It is no easy feat to handle a big crane. It requires a specific technical know-how. Familiarize yourself with the crane’s computer and levers before operating one. 

Read the conditions well

The crane operator should be aware of his surroundings during the lifting procedure. Everything from the terrain to the weather should be known to the operator. The carne should always lift on a stable and firm ground to prevent the crane from capsizing.  The operator should be aware of all possible hazards in order to successfully evade any unwanted accident.   

No Distractions

While operating the crane, the operator should not let his mind wander for even a second. As soon s the crane keys are in, the mobile phone should be switched off. Double check the crane’s gas, oil and other fluid level indicators. Watch out for any overhead electricity cables. 

Repair and Maintenance

All cranes should undergo repair and maintenance before starting with a new project. This is because like any other machine, the crane wears out little by little after each successive lifting. Hence it needs to be fully functional before employment. Regular servicing is a must. Check your crane for mechanical, electrical, structural, and hydraulic issues (MESH) before lifting.

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